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Jun 23, 2023

It is wonderful to welcome back onto the Brain Booster my very good friend Gary Nicol, co-author of the best-selling ‘Lost Art of Golf’ series.

We had as usual a wonderful conversation particularly about our Lost Art schools at Archerfield

 We discussed the concept of our RELATIONSHIP to the game of golf

 What do we really want from the game?

 How we can become a little more SELF LESS and a less SELFISH

 Why becoming a great playing partner may actually unlock your own performance.

 Why the outcome of a golf shot should never determine your self worth

 The biggest myths around consistency

How the Trackman numbers tell us what does and doesn’t change much in a swing

What we should be aiming to influence and WHERE we need to place our ATTENTION

We have lots of what I call ‘surface conversations’ about golf such as how can I hit it further, score lower, get handicaps down but what about going to a bit deeper level and finding out what REALLY matters to you when you play.

How can you get the very most out of this fleeting opportunity called LIFE

Is that a conversation REALLY worth having ?

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