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Jul 2, 2019

Today it is a great pleasure to welcome to the Brain Booster a man who has a very special place in golfing history

In 1977 he became the first left hander to play in the Ryder Cup

He got there well before Phil Mickelson

I spent a wonderful hour in Peter’s company as we discussed all things golf.

We took a trip down memory lane to a time when the game was very different

We discuss Peter’s early days in the game and the struggles he had to overcome to be able to even play the game at all

How he learned the game by trial and error and a sense of discovery

He brings a wonderful down to earth common sense approach to the game

But also a sense of how we should all be more grateful for the opportunity to play the game today

Peter went on to play with all of the game’s greatest players such as Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Lee Trevino

Since his playing days Peter has had a very distinguished coaching career where he coached the national teams of Morocco, Denmark and Switzerland

It was very interesting in our discussion how much Peter talked about the importance of IMAGINATION in the game

A common theme on the Brain Booster

His ideas will really resonate with you

He has put together a new book called ‘Now for the back 9’

Aimed at senior golfers

This book brings some great wisdom and ideas for anybody playing seniors golf

For anyone playing golf at all for that matter

Enjoy your time in the wonderful company of Peter Dawson

Find out more about him at

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