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Jun 10, 2022

Today on the Brain Booster with one of the legends of Skill Acquisition and Ecological Dynamics, Professor Keith Davids from Sheffield Hallam university

We had a wonderful conversation a few years ago and we got the chance today to update the current position around skill acquisition and how this can benefit your game

The problem with coaching models

Over emphasis on body parts and what that does to the learning process

The limitations of language

The ecological perspective

Adapting to and being in tune to your environment

Solving the problem of the golf shot as a unique moment in time

The myth of automaticity

Repetition without repetition

How coaches should constantly be setting players problems to solve

How we should see the golf course as a series of puzzles to solve

Dealing with and adapting to constant changes

The extreme value of adaptability and how to perform on any given day

What can rock climbing teach us about ADAPTABILITY

As Keith says the very best athletes are the most ADAPTABLE

How to engage your training in an ecological way

As a Professor of Motor Learning in Sport & Human Performance, Keith uses an Ecological Dynamics framework for investigating skill acquisition, expertise and talent development in sport. He is an applied scientist who researches how processes of learning, development, performance preparation and participation in sport, physical activity and exercise may be facilitated. He reviews implications for coaching and teaching at elite, sub-elite and recreational levels of participants, as part of his work. Ecological Dynamics is an integration of Ecological Psychology, Dynamical Systems theory, Evolutionary Science and the Science of Complex Systems, considering individual athletes and teams as complex adaptive systems, self-organising under interacting constraints. Such systems change over different timescales, which has significant implications for learning, development and ageing in children, adults and elderly people. He has over 30 years experience of teaching and conducting research in Ecological Dynamics.

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