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Sep 3, 2020

It is great to welcome today on the Brain Booster Steven Yellin the author of a wonderful book called ‘Simplicity’.

The content we discuss today could literally transform the way you look at your game and your relationship to your swing and the concepts around ‘technique’.

Steven’s program ‘The Fluid Motion Factor’ has been taught in numerous sports.

I believe this could be a MAJOR contribution in the evolution of coaching.

Right at the heart of Stevens work is the key question:

‘If you could access what you currently own in terms of your golf game would you be happy?’

How many golfers are trying to ‘change’ their swing without EVER getting the best out of what they currently have?

So much of what Steven has written about is based on a deeper understanding of how the brain works to produce a fluid motion.

How we get in the way of the brains innate ability to make a motion.

We discuss critical factors

The role of the Cerebellum – The master KEY to unlocking your game

The Pre Frontal Cortex – How the ‘intellect’ within us all actually gets in the way of sporting progress.

How the brain has an innate ability to ‘self correct’ if it is left to its own devices.

We look into the concept of achieving WHOLENESS with the brain to allow the fluid motion factor to emerge.

The idea that ‘small targets’ COULD be so damaging to your game. How they create a block in the fluid motion.

Why the target is not always your friend and how over emphasis on this can cause you problems.

I firmly believe that Steven has written a book that will become a major contribution to teaching in sport. It is based around how your brain CREATES motion. In so many ways this should be at the front and centre of so many coaching discussions instead of the endless opinions on what the motion needs to look like. The way the brain creates movement or perhaps more importantly how we get in the way of that may well be the defining frontier in the future of the game.

Enjoy todays podcast. You will get a LOT from it.

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