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Jan 30, 2020

Today’s Brain Booster is brought to you by Pall Mall Medical – Specialists in stem cell therapy.

On the show we have a great guest today in the shape of former European Tour professional Simon Dyson.

Over a playing career of eighteen years Simon won six times on the tour, including 3 KLM Dutch Opens.

He recently became a certified Mind Factor coach after attending the Manchester training.

During the training Simon impressed me immensely with his enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge.

In our time together for the Brain Booster we get to really look back at life on tour and the lessons learnt.

The good times and the bad, the ups and downs of life as a professional golfer.

Early days

It was great to hear Simon talk with such fond memories of his early experiences in the game. From hitting balls through rugby posts on a field to then graduating to the golf course and playing round after round with his brother during the summer months.

He had a distinguished amateur career culminating in a Walker Cup appearance at Nairn with fellow team mates of the calibre of Luke Donald and Paul Casey.

We look closely at the influence of his early mentors in particular Pete Cowen who managed to get him out onto the Asian Tour and provided him with such sound advice.

How Pete both encouraged and challenged him so effectively.

What does it take to WIN?

His first win in Asia happened relatively quickly.

We explore the mindset Simon had when winning tournaments such as the Dunhill Links.

A really great lesson here for anyone listening how to access their best performance

Looking at what he would do differently if he had his time again we discuss ‘guilt practice’ and how so many golfers fall into the trap of believing if they put in enough ‘reps’ then all will be well with their game.

We explore the necessity for rest and in particular recovery.

The much overlooked area of getting real quality sleep and what you can do to be much more efficient in this area.

Performance coaching

How to actually coach the game to get players to improve.

The need to see your students actually on the golf course

What you REALLY find out when you begin to ask better questions.

How and why effective training needs to be fun as well as challenging.

What the coach of the future will look like.

Do you want to get HEALTHY and STRONG?

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