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Sep 24, 2020

Today we joined on the Brain Booster by Dr Joe Parent.

He is the author of one of the most successful mental game books of all time.

Zen Golf was published over twenty years ago and still continues to sell worldwide.

A new generation of players are enjoying a book published well before they were born!

I had a great conversation with Dr Joe about the origins of the book and the influences he has had to his work.

Joe teaches from a Buddhist philosophy applied to golf.

The principles of mindfulness, meditation and awareness are key factors to his work.

The great aspect to his teaching is he clearly comes from a practical and applied background.

All of his ideas have been tested in the laboratory of real life.

Out on the golf course, in the boardroom, real life experience not just theory.

We got the chance to discuss his work with Vijay Singh and the journey to World No 1 when the game of golf was being totally dominated by Tiger Woods.

What Vijay applied from the book that made such a difference to his game.

How many of the key principles of mindfulness can be so helpful to your game?

This is fundamental wisdom that has been around for many thousands of years but often ignored in the modern world of complexity for complexity sake.

Why there is still a reluctance to look at the mental game and how it is too easy to blame all bad shots on your technique when in fact the ‘state’ you are in does not ALLOW you to access the swing you already have.

The concept of ‘being present’ sounds so simple yet so few really understand what it actually means.

Joe talks about specific ways to BE on a golf course.

The opportunity golf gives us to learn so much about ourselves.

How the breath is one of the single most potent areas of focus to release your performance.

It was a delight to speak to Dr Joe.

His wisdom will make a difference to your game.

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