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May 27, 2022

Training BOTH technical and physical – Alex Elliot and Natalie Lowe

Today on the Brain Booster we are joined with the ‘Off Scratch’ team of coach Alex Elliot and fitness trainer Natalie Lowe who has been on the Brain Booster previously sharing ideas around conditioning.

Are you working on your golf swing with little return for your time?

Are you trying to fix a slice without looking at how your body is actually moving?

How you can test your body at home to see where you are physically at

The THREE home tests drill

Simple DIY body test to get an idea of your physical condition

What does a GOOD day look like for your body?

We get the chance to discuss some really practical ways to work on your body to help you to develop better motion in your golf swing

The brilliant idea of ‘kettle exercises’

How you can still do some valuable exercise even if you are seriously challenged for time

No more excuses to not move your body

How to become MINDFUL with your training at the gym

Better ways to TRAIN at the range

How to get the absolute maximum out of your time and effort

A really practical session to combine TECHNICAL, PHYSICAL and MENTAL

Natalie is a Golf fitness trainer and owner of Pro-Fit Golf Conditioning. Qualified strength & conditioning coach and level 3 TPI instructor. Her role is to help golfers of all ability levels improve their health and golf performance using golf specific fitness. Alongside her gym work she hosts a podcast and provides golf fitness instruction to Today's Golfer and American Golf. 

Alex Elliot is a

PGA professional, golf monthly top 50 coach and mind factor coach. After spending time caddying on the European tour, he realised he wanted to become a golf coach and help players improve their game. He used his experiences on tour to deliver expert instruction to clients. He has also built a successful YouTube golf instructional channel with over 130,000 subscribers. Alongside his coaching and YouTube he also provides instruction for Golf Monthly, American Golf and  Cobra/Puma. 

Together they have teamed up to create Off Scratch Golf. Their aim is to help you become the best player you can be by focusing on more than just technique. Their goal is to provide you with long lasting changes by linking physical factors with the key technical elements of the golf swing. 

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