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Aug 28, 2018

Nick Edmund – A story of hope and inspiration


We have talked many times on this show about ‘your story’

The way you construct your world based on how YOU interpret it

Your story will dictate your effectiveness in life

Today we have an extraordinary story from and extraordinary man

A story to inspire you and help you can clarity on your own perspective of your life, your work and your game

Nick talks about going ‘From the Bar to the 19th Hole’

How he gave up a successful law career to become a golf writer

A prolific golf writer

He has so far written 27 golf books including 14 editions of ‘Following the Fairways’

He then changed career again and went to work with golfing legend Nick Faldo in his golf course design business

This took Nick all around the world and he had chance to get to know at first hand Britain’s greatest ever golfer

He describes how Nick’s passion for detail and preparation allowed him to become a great course designer


Then the story takes a unique twist

Nick decides to go on a LONG WALK

A long walk up the Himalayas to re evaluate his life

The walk up the Himalayas was organised by a cancer charity

Little did Nick know that during the walk he would find out that HE had cancer himself

Truly devastating news


As you will hear Nick DECIDED to construct a story about his own cancer

How he would respond

How he would get the most from his life

He set up ‘Global Golf4 Cancer’ and as you will find the number four is linked inextricably with both cancer and golf

Nick describes his adventures with his walks and how despite the devastating blow of cancer he has shaped his attitude and now he feels he gets more out of life than ever

A fascinating insight about how someone RESPONDED to some awful news and made a promise to get the very most from life and to make a difference to others

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