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Jan 8, 2021

I have known Marcus Bell a long time and it is always wonderful to chat with him about his approach to developing the game of golf. Marcus is a deep thinker and I know that you will find a tremendous benefit from listening today to some of his ideas.

Marcus is Director of Coaching for ZEN Golf and a PGA Professional for over 20 years. His non-linear style of coaching is gaining wide recognition through his fast growing You Tube Channel ZEN Golf Mechanic. The results speak for themselves with a new student's lesson being posted each week showing huge improvements in performance for players of all abilities and aspirations.

Marcus has a Masters degree in Sports Biomechanics and has conducted and consulted in many research studies in golf, particularly with 3D and forceplate technologies. These studies have focused primarily on lower body mechanics and their effect on full body kinematics and kinetics. It is this research that has supported the development of this full swing coaching application that we recognise as ZEN Golf Mechanics where ecological psychology meets sports biomechanics to foster optimal skill acquisition.

For information on lessons please follow the link....

Marcus shares his incredible background in the game of golf and the people who have helped him along the way develop as a golf coach.

This hugely reinforced a key theme of the Brain Booster. The importance of others and the people you surround yourself with.

Who are you learning from?

Who are your influences?

What are you prepared to do to improve both as a player and as a coach?

During the session together Marcus discussed his ideas around how movement is generated. How it is much more natural than we might think.

How we often get in the way of this natural motion.

And more importantly what you can do to reconnect with it.


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