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Jun 22, 2018

Looking after your most valuable asset – Your Brain

With Dr Dale Bredesen author of ‘The End of Alzheimers’

The First Programme to Prevent and Reverse the Cognitive Decline of Dementia


We have today an extraordinary guest.

Often we hear the phrase ‘groundbreaking book’

It is an overused cliché

Yet today’s guest totally deserves that accolade

Someone who can give hope to the millions suffering directly or indirectly from the effects of this wicked disease.

We talk not only about the ways you can give yourself the best possible chance to avoid developing degenerative brain conditions but also about how to OPTIMISE your brain.

How to get the best PERFORMANCE from your brain be that in your sport, business or life.


We are finally getting the message your brain and its health is EVERYTHING

All you experience is as a result of the function of your brain and the condition it is in.

We know so much about training and looking after our body but it is of little value if the health of our brain lags behind.

Do you want to have the BEST functioning brain you possibly can?

What difference COULD that make to your life?

Listen to this show and you WILL start to change the way you look after your brain

We discuss

The myths around Alzheimers and how the medical world may have it wrong


How the question WHAT have I got in terms of brain deterioration should be changed to WHY have I got this condition


Amyloid Plaque theory and how the plaque is actually your brains RESPONSE to sub optimal conditions


The THREE major contributors to Alzheimers and poor brain function

Inflammation and how your dental health could be contributing to some serious problems

Sub Optimal Nutrition – what are you deficient in that will have a MAJOR detrimental effect on your performance

Toxic exposure – we don’t link some of the daily toxins we are exposed to the health of your brain but we NEED to


What you can do to maximise your performance?

What does a GOOD BRAIN DAY look like?

How you can take ownership of your future

How testing is available

How you can personalise your own program


Dr Bredesen’s book ‘The End of Alzheimers’ is available now

His website is


For all Mind Factor programmes and the opportunity to develop your own game to a higher level go to