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Mar 12, 2021

Kendal McWade – Bryson De Chambeau and Instinctive Golf – Could they actually be similar?

Today on the Brain Booster we welcome a great friend of the show back for the THIRD time Kendal McWade from Instinctive Golf.

We had a fantastic discussion as always.

The golf world is talking again about Bryson after his win at Bay Hill in the Arnold Palmer Invitational. Not only the win but THAT incredible tee shot across the water on the par 5 sixth hole.

What could seem further apart than the scientific dissections of Bryson and the Instinctive Golf of Kendal McWades’ approach?

Well maybe a LOT more than you think.

I asked Kendal some questions and as ever he came up with some fascinating answers.

In many ways Bryson is instinctive in the sense that he is very much doing it HIS way.

He is on a quest of SELF MASTERY

As we have reinforced so many times on the Brain Booster if there is a secret to golf it isn’t about finding the way to play the game but much more about you uncovering YOUR way to play.

With this in mind I asked Kendal about some really important explorations

The idea that most of the time in golf instruction we are focusing on the solution before we know what the problem actually is!!

What is the TASK?

How do I use the TOOL (the golf club) in my hand to get the task done?

What are the key INFLUENCES I need to focus on to get the job done?

Can I set myself free to uncover MY way of getting the task completed efficiently?

Why FEEL is really the truth you are looking to experience.

A really great session with an outstanding coach.

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