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Do you want to boost your brain - win your game? I'm Karl Morris one of Europe's leading Performance Coaches.  Whether it's sport, business or pleasure, the real key to success is to go from thought to ACTION and MAKE the changes happen.

Jun 11, 2019

Today’s guest is Jeff Pelizzaro who hosts the incredibly popular podcast 18Strong.

Jeff invited me onto his show a couple of months ago and we had a great time discussing all things golf and golf performance. So I thought it would only be the right and proper thing to do to get Jeff on the Brain Booster.

I am so glad I did!

Again we had a great time focusing on the benefits of an effective training program for your game and your life

Jeff is one of the leaders in the fitness industry and his specific focus is personalised training programmes for golfers.

His online resource is superb.

We talk about how the podcast 18Strong came about and why it has grown in popularity over the past four years.


I have long believed that if you want a strong mind then one of the essential ingredients to gaining that is to spend time training your body.

Strong body – Stronger Mind


We discuss this at great length.


The myths and the misconceptions


We particularly drill down into the idea of STAYING on track

Keeping on with what you KNOW to be beneficial


We may know the information

We understand the theory

We have been to the fitness coach

Yet essentially NOTHING changes unless you are prepared to stay the course

To do the right thing when you have all the wrong feelings

How to overcome the seemingly hard wired response we all seem to have that says ‘You can go to the gym tomorrow’ or ‘you are too tired to train’


You know the score


We talk about how you can utilise your environment to get you moving

How getting started is THE key




What do effective programmes do for you?

What could be possible with your fitness?

What difference will it make to your game?

Will the effort be worth your while?


You wlll be really glad you tuned into the show

Jeff has a warmth and sincerity that shines through in his work.

You will really benefit from time in his company


To find out more about Jeff tune into the 18Strong Podcast or go to


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