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Oct 29, 2021

Today we welcome to the show Dr Bill Pettit

How our thinking creates all of our experiences

The Subtle nature of thought

You are either in your thoughts or you are in your life ….

This is such an important message for us all

Bill has a fascinating story

He spent over 20 years with the legendary Sydney Banks

As he says himself …..

It was the weekend of April Fools’ day in 1983 and in lieu of experiencing the pranks this day is known for, I was listening to a man called Sydney Banks talk about the spiritual nature of the human mind. Sitting in San Francisco that afternoon, I had hope awaken in me — hope that I could find a better level of mental health — and it lightened my heart and mind more than any practical joke could have.

As I spent more time in conversation with Syd, l started to see incremental changes in how I navigated my closest relationships, and responded to troublesome emotions. I started listening to others with more respect and less judgment. I reacted less to anger and negative feelings. I began to trust that leaving my thinking alone when upset, allowed my mind to quiet and more often brought me to the feeling, and solution that I desired.

It is a fascinating insight with Bill about being able to leave the mind alone

Let it settle

Do not always be trying to ‘fix’ your thinking

Trust your innate capacity for wisdom and insights

It is a strong message for us all to follow

You will find the experience of spending time in Bill’s company a very gratifying one

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