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Apr 8, 2022

How your ENVIRONMENT impacts on EVERYTHING you do

Skill is the ability to adapt to your ENVIRONMENT

The defining skill of ADAPTABILITY

On today’s Brain Booster we welcome one of the world’s leading experts in skill acquisition Professor Ian Renshaw

Ian has a Sport Science and PE background and this frames his approach to working with coaches and teachers.

Ian’s awareness of the ideas of Ecological Dynamics emerged when he was completing his Masters degree in Coaching Studies at Moray House in the 1990s and built on his previous work as a PE teacher and framed in his own work as a practising coach.

Since then he has combined his teaching, research and coaching to develop his practice by developing a deeper understanding of the key theoretical ideas of Ecological Dynamics and its implementation through a CLA. Ian has a deep passion for improving practice and continues to test his ideas in his own coaching and teaching.

Ian along with Peter Arnott has created the program Swing it Like Tiger

A fascinating program looking in depth at the PROCESS of learning employed by Tiger Woods

The role played by your environment and how it will affect your learning and development

We got the chance to explore some fascinating areas of skill development

Measuring our swings indoors

What are the drawbacks

Environment is EVERYTHING

The myths around consistency

Variable practice

How to become more tuned into the implement in your hand

Go to the course or go to the range?

What are your options?

What is your relationship to failure?

Having the courage to keep exploring

A great to session with a true expert in his field that will give you so much to ponder in your quest to improve

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