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Aug 5, 2022

Welcome back to the Brain Booster for another week.

Thank you for supporting the show, it really is appreciated.

From time to time people question me about my seemingly indifferent approach to ‘working’ on the golf swing. And that all I want people to do is ‘just play’

This couldn’t be further from the truth as I have always believed that the key to great golf is a blend of swing efficiency coupled with a great mindset.

I do not believe in endlessly dissecting your swing and obsessing over positions but I do believe in having a good understanding of what creates your SHOTS.

It was with that in mind I wanted to welcome back a great coach from the USA and a big supporter of the podcast Kelvin Kelley to discuss how best to make your swing more efficient.

We discuss:

How the set up is the very best place to start making your swing more efficient.

Why you can set up in a way to help you create a powerful impact position

Feeling a dynamic impact position with an impact bag

Hitting angles at address

How to turn the switch to performance on the golf course

Becoming a ‘shot detective’ out on the golf course

Letting the shot create the swing

How your physiology affects your performance

How your lifestyle dramatically affects your performance

Some really solid and interesting concepts from a top coach

Kelvin is a Class A PGA golf professional in San Francisco, California. He has taught at some of the top golf clubs in the Bay Area, which include The Olympic Club and Sonoma Golf Club. Kelvin was recently voted a “Top Instructor To Watch” by and has written several articles for and GolfWRX.

Kelvin works with his students to develop an efficient golf swing. He welcomes golfers of all skill levels however is geared towards the more committed golfer. Besides swing and short game instruction, Kelvin is an expert in on and off the course coaching. This includes mental preparation, developing practice routines and course strategizing.

More information can be found at


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Pall Mall’s health screen packages assess your blood profile, highlight any markers for certain cancers, check your heart health, stroke risk, other major organ health and much more. You can even have an MRI scan – with no waiting list– to check on any golfing ailments or dodgy joints. Let’s face it, we all have some aches and pains and we all need to be aware of our health.

Whilst we talk a lot about the mental side of the game on the Brain Booster, if you’ve something holding you back physically, that can have just as detrimental an impact on your game.

Golfer health screens at Pall Mall start from £249 for the “well man” or “well woman” check-up for anyone 40+. There are additional packages with more extensive scans and tests, including one where you can have help with your mental performance from yours truly.

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