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Sep 10, 2020

I just had to get Ryan Phillips back again. The level of interest was very strong.

We had a great response to the show with Ryan Phillips talking about M.A.T. (muscle activation technique).

A lot of interest.

A lot of questions.

A lot of potential opportunity.

Ryan is one of only two trainers certified in M.A.T. in the UK

He was trained by Greg Roskopf in the USA who has had amazing results with athletes for a number of years. Most noted for his recent work and the body transformation of Bryson DeChambau.

Today we explore more about a fascinating subject of how simple isometric exercises can reactivate muscles that have been dormant or imbalanced for years.

Muscle imbalance is a crucial area to consider.

It is at the heart of EFFICIENT movement.

Muscle imbalance creates a LOT of issues.

It is why so many people are training in PAIN

Why so many golfers have to stop playing.

Why there are diminishing returns on your training efforts.

We also look into the possibility of how your current training or stretching COULD be making things worse if you have a muscle imbalance and you are forcing yourself through a range of motion with compensations.

However, once you have activated and balanced your muscle structure with M.A.T. you then potentially make tremendous progress as you can now GAIN so much from whatever mode of training your favour.

I would go as far as to say that anyone who is really keen to get the best from their game should explore the potential with M.A.T.

Essentially what you are doing is providing a tremendous foundation for all of your movement.

You are working from a really solid foundation.

Fascinating area to explore.

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