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Aug 2, 2019

Today we have a fascinating show in the company of Kieran Blay

Kieran is a co Director of a company called Adeki ( He specialises in the application of Heart Rate Variability (HRV) in performance settings.

Kieran is a qualified cycling and fitness coach, with certificates in HRV training from Heart Math, First Beat and Elite HRV and has trained in the use of HEG technology for addressing attention disorders. Prior to Adeki, Kieran enjoyed a long career in Formula One and motorsport while also competing up to a national level as a racing cyclist. He still cycles for the top domestic racing team, TAAP Cervelo


How does stress affect your performance?


Do you know your own personal stress responses?


How is your performance being held back by the stressors in your life?


From poor sleep habits, diet and a poor training regime.

How your game may be affected by stress for three to four hours prior to performance and surprisingly for three to four hours after a performance is over.


With Kieran we get the chance to look at how heart rate variability can now be measured.

As he says in the show unless you can measure something you cannot improve it.

We discuss his own experiences in cycling and he shares some great ideas on how to improve your performance.


How breathing is such a potent force in the battle to be in the right state to perform.

What is the best breathing protocol for you as an individual?

How you can use visualisation as a powerful tool before and after competition.


How coaching teams with a ‘cookie cutter’ approach can be very limited.

How and why it is so important to look at where each individual actually is to put together an effective training regime.


A really interesting episode of the Brain Booster that will really get you thinking about your approach to excellence.


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