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Nov 18, 2022

How Tiger Woods learned to embrace the CHAOS

It is good to be back with you again on the Brain Booster and today we have a special guest in the company of Claude Harmon.

Claude has coached some of the game’s greatest players including Dustin Johnson and Brooks Koepke.

He provides us today with some wonderful insights from both a coaching and playing perspective.

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A great perspective on LEARNING

Claude vividly describes his unique coaching apprenticeship. By his own admission he never played the game to any great level but had perhaps the ultimate coaching environment in which to learn. To be able to watch his father Butch Harmon coach day in and day out must have been something else.

Watching Butch coach the likes of Steve Elkington and Greg Norman in the early days which then led to his association with Tiger Woods and then on to players like Phil Mickelson and Ricky Fowler.

Claude describes how he was actually there when Butch gave the very first lesson to a young Woods.

He provides some real nuggets on how to keep a difficult game simple.

We discuss:

  • Solving the coaching puzzle
  • Looking for the ONE thing that will have the most impact
  • How we can easily become overloaded with technical data
  • Being smart enough to keep it simple
  • Why many coaches invest in making the game DIFFICULT
  • Not falling into the ‘aesthetic trap’
  • The perfect position MYTH
  • When to leave a golf swing alone
  • The difference between ‘technique’ and ‘execution’
  • Learning from the Tiger
  • Tiger Woods incredible honesty about his game
  • His desire to LEARN, how he loved the RANDOM nature of the game.
  • His overall philosophy for the game and how he LOVED the chaos

A great session with a coach at the top of his game.

Claude has a wonderful podcast himself called ‘Son of a Butch’ find it here:

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