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Apr 6, 2018

We have a tremendous session today reflecting how research has shown just how important your pre shot routine is to effective performance.


If you are not looking at or working on this you are REALLY missing a trick.


The tremendous research was conducted by Dr Matt Bridge who is a senior lecturer in coaching and sports science at Birmingham University.


Matt has been working at the University since 2001. He lectures in coaching and applied sport science on the School’s BSc Applied Golf Management Studies and BSc Sport, Physical Education and Coaching Science undergraduate degrees. Matt is also Director of Golf for University Birmingham Sport working with students in running the university's very successful golf teams.


From Matt’s research we now know that


Professional golfers can achieve greater success if they spend less time over the ball, according to the RSM Player Performance study conducted by RSM in collaboration with the European Tour.


The study collected data on 47 European Tour professionals over five tournaments, 304 rounds of golf and 22,579 shots.The study revealed three key findings:




Spending less time over the ball could earn a European Tour player an extra €189k per season. 



Quicker shots improve performance. A shorter time over the ball across all putts results in a 90 per cent increase in the likelihood of strokes gained.  



Consistency of time spent over the ball leads to a greater chance of making the cut. When players are more consistent in rounds one and two they are 50 per cent more likely to make the cut compared to less consistent players.





It really is fantastic to see the scientific evidence of how important an effective routine is. In the show we look in great details at the importance of understanding what works for YOU as an individual but Matt has some very effective suggestions as to what he see are ‘flexible guidelines’




We also discuss how important it is to understand the role of practice in establishing these unique and personal routines




The importance of time on the actual golf course. Training your brain to play not just practice




The way we can get in the way of our own progress




Why the CONTEXT is everything




How the role of COMMITMENT plays such a vital role in good golf and how you can go about creating a stronger commitment to each and every shot you play




For more details of Matt’s great work and what he can do for your game go to




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