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Mar 16, 2018

I am really excited to bring you todays show with one of the very best golf caddies in the world, the legendary Billy Foster.

He has carried the bag of some of the game’s true legends, Tiger Woods, Seve Ballesteros, Lee Westwood and Darren Clarke.

He has been on the world stage for over thirty years and in this extraordinary show we talk about how it all began.

The early days with Gordon Brand Jr who himself was a great player to being asked by the great Severiano Ballesteros would he be his caddie.

Would he be his caddie!!!!

Asked by your boyhood hero if you will work for him

Billy talks with great affection about Seve and the wonderful experience of being with a true genius.

He describes in detail maybe the GREATEST golf shot that has ever been hit and how Seve had one extra club in his bag.

His imagination

What YOU can learn from the great man

It is captivating to hear Billy describe how Seve CREATED golf shots

The mind creates an image of possibility and the body then goes to work

The body foolows the ‘map’ created in the mind

It is an art that is sadly in decline

Harness your imagination and you embrace a very powerful force

Train your imagination

There is also a very simple but effective suggestion of how you can practice ON the golf course


The golf course

How to DEVELOP imagination

Billy talks about how so many players have been ruined by becoming obsessed with finding the ‘perfect’ swing

This is from someone who has been at the very coal face of international golf for over three decades

Being with Tiger

At his best

Again to hear the description of being with Woods at his best

The challenge of being ‘Tiger Woods’

Very timely and relevant as Woods looks to get back to the top of the game against all of the odds

There are some insights that will make a HUGE difference to your game if you take them on board.

The professional caddie is perhaps the most under rated of all sports men or women. The great caddie makes a HUGE difference to a player and you will be able to hear why Billy is so highly regarded.

Decisions are the key to a successful life

We all need assistance in making GOOD decisions

We all need coaching so we can ‘see’ a different reality

We take off our own blinkers

Even if you don’t play golf you will get a LOT from this podcast.

Insights as to how we behave under pressure and how to make more effective decisions

How to get the very best out of yourself from someone who REALLY knows

Enjoy the show


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