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Jan 26, 2018

Tremendous show today with one of the world’s leading researchers into the mysterious affliction called ‘The Yips’

Darts players call it dartitis, golfers call it the twitch. It has been known to occur in cricket, baseball, tennis.

Numerous sports and numerous sufferers.

What may have seen the simplest of actions moving a putter back and forwards a few inches or releasing a dart from you hand suddenly becomes a horrible twitching convulsion of your brain – body system.

The ball can be sent way off line, the dart can miss the board.

What was once a finely tuned skill suddenly becomes a scrambled mess.

What on earth is going on?

Is it all in the mind?

Is it a neurological problem?

Gordon has spent the last ten years studying the yips

What are the causes?

How do they originate?

Can they be cured?

What are the most effective strategies to get your game on track?


During our time together we look at how ATTENTION can play such a key role in helping a player with the yips.

How putting yips and chipping yips seem to be very different

How and why changing your action makes sense

The best and most efficient options

The role of the ‘dominant hand’

What a ‘new’ action can look like

How a coach can deal with a player with the yips

How and why anxiety makes things worse

The best and the worst way to practice if you have the yips

How playing other sports affect your chances of recovery

How skill acquisition can be linked to the yips

Deep concentration

The joy of being so absorbed in what you are doing and how this can help cure the yips


Gordon has been coaching golf for the last 20 years.

One of only 15 people in Britain and Ireland, he is a consultant to the Professional Golfers Association Training program and passes on his knowledge to help young professionals learn the art of coaching golf. PGA Advanced status was awarded to Gordon in 2004 and named in the Golf World Magazine Top 100 teachers in 2012. He is currently studying again part time for a PhD in Sport Psychology/Motor Behaviour with a specialised project in the Yips and this is his main focus at the monent along with advising on Sport Psychology/Motor Learning to the Norwegian Golf Federation


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