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Do you want to boost your brain - win your game? I'm Karl Morris one of Europe's leading Performance Coaches.  Whether it's sport, business or pleasure, the real key to success is to go from thought to ACTION and MAKE the changes happen.

Nov 10, 2017

For a long time now I have known that some of the tools and techniques I have used with players has had less than the desired impact due to the fact they had such a poor diet and in turn poor brain health.

The software you try to install in a computer can only run as effectively as the hardware behind it.

Today’s show will explain why and more important WHAT to do about this. Put good brain health with effective Mind Factor strategies and you have a very powerful combination.

Today’s guest is Phil Richards.

Amongst professional athletes and coaches, Phil Richards is regarded as one of the leading strength, conditioning and nutrition experts in the world. He has prepared Champion boxers for title fights, led premiership rugby teams to league and cup titles and transformed the careers of athletes in many sports and disciplines.Having studied with figures such as Louie Simmons (Westside Barbell), Dr Eric Serrano (Hormonal Expert), Charles Poliquin (Strength Coach), Jim Schimitz (Olympic Weight Lift ing Coach), Ray Williams (Olympic Weight Lifting Coach), Neil Taylor (Olympic Weight Lifting Coach), the late great Charlie Francis (Speed Coach) and many, many more.

Phil has probably interned with more experts in the field of strength, conditioning and nutrition than any other coach. Phil holds a BSc in sports nutrition, Diplomas in clinical and medical nutrition, is an advanced cellular nutritional microscopist, is qualified in blood chemistry analysis.

Phil is also Europe’s first Westside Barbell Certified Strength Coach, which is well respected in the strength training world. Phil applies this wealth of learning to a no nonsense approach to build health, strength and performance.

Throughout Phil’s successful career he has worked with and consulted for the ‘who’s who’ in world sport including; Eddie Hall (World Strongman), Amir Khan (World Champion Boxer), Worcester Warriors, Worcester County Cricket, Somerset County Cricket, London Harlequins, Wigan Warriors, Hull KR, Leicester Tigers, Bolton Wanderers, Glenn Ross (World Masters Strongest Man), Nick Dunn (World Triathlon Champion), Swansea RFC, Stuart Stokes (Olympian Steeplechaseer) and many, many more.

Phil has dedicated his life to finding out exactly what really works in the field of nutrition, strength and conditioning and his track record is undeniable - Phil gets results.

During the show we talk about

How blood testing can help you find out EXACTLY what you need as an individual in terms of diet and supplementation

How al poorly fuelled brain will halt virtually all attempted learning

How the mercury fillings in your head may be affecting your overall health

Why we are so deficient in brain nutrients with what we eat

The need for fat in our diet

Why most breakfasts are a car crash in terms of brain health

Why fasting can be so very beneficial to health

The drawbacks of eating after training

How your thoughts will affect you whole life

Hormone health and what you can do about it

Talking charge of your thinking

The toxic effect of others on ourselves and our teams

What is your mobile phone doing to destroy your health?

How our attention is so distracted

The benefits of saunas on health

Taking the decision to be happy as opposed to waiting for the world to make you happy

This is a real wide ranging show with lots of fresh ideas to get your brain into an optimal state. Listen to Phil and you will change the direction of many of your patterns and habits. Better brain health will result and a better brain changes your whole experience of life.