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Do you want to boost your brain - win your game? I'm Karl Morris one of Europe's leading Performance Coaches.  Whether it's sport, business or pleasure, the real key to success is to go from thought to ACTION and MAKE the changes happen.

Sep 15, 2017

Today’s episode I have legendary golf coach Fred Shoemaker.

Based in Carmel Valley, Southern California, Fred is the founder of the ‘Extraordinary Golf School’. He looks at golf, learning and life in a very different way to most coaches.

You do not have to play golfer be a golfer to gain a huge brain boost from this episode.

During our talk together Fred explained how he had fell out of love with the game at an early age and how he had to do some deep personal exploration to get that love back.

This is a very insightful podcast from a man who has worked with literally thousands of students over the years and has an extremely loyal following.

Fred has taken his golf school all over the world and I highly recommend you look into his work.

During our time together we discussed


Questioning the purpose of golf


How leaving his own culture to go to Africa and work with the Peace Corp gave Fred the opportunity to meet a Ghanaian golfer who changed his whole outlook on the game.


How the pressure to always ‘win’ can get in the way of real progress. Why we feel so compelled to win and more importantly how to challenge that assumption.


How he realised that so many golfers are successful but not satisfied and there is a BIG difference!


The way poor golfers get drawn into the ‘story’ of what today may mean at a future time


The myth of a ‘perfect’ future


How to change your relationship to both winning and losing


Changing your automatic reaction by looking at your CURRENT interpretations of what is happening with your game


How to look at learning and the nature of the game through a completely different lens.


Engaging in a mastery process and loving that process


The paradox of always trying to change something in your swing which actually keeps you stuck where you are. You cannot change anything until you can actually experience what you CURRENTLY have.


How your perception of the situation will affect the movements you make. If we perceive the environment as hostile we will respond with tightness and tension and this WILL affect the way we move our body. We never look at excessive muscle tension as a reason for poor play yet it may be the NUMBER 1 issue.


Understanding what is THE single most important question you can ask yourself when you play ANY sport.


How we create blind spots in our game and our performance and how we can shine a light into what is actually happening.


What if you did lower your score, would you be happy?


The joy of being genuinely engaged in a game. The absolute necessity in this day and age of being constantly stressed to find a ‘safe place’ to go to and be able to calm things down and quieten the mind. How golf can be a state of meditation.


Finding peace of mind away from all of your gadgets and distractions. How to find a place where time disappears and how without that life can be really difficult.


How TV misleads us so badly into thinking that there is always something wrong. That we are somehow deficient and we need to be more. Fred gives a fascinating insight about how to escape this insanity.


How your past conditions will KEEP affecting you unless you are able to look at the patterns you repeat and then DO something different.


The joy of the process and how if you are not prepared for challenges along the way then find something else to do.


The joy of letting go of the need to be certain all the time. Having a different relationship to the uncertainty.


How most people never actually experience their golf swing through their senses as they are ‘trying’ to do something as opposed actually experiencing what is really going on


How to develop as both a coach and a player and develop YOUR style.


Moving your body for the sheer joy of actually MOVING. Do you actually enjoy the movement you make when you swing a golf club? Could that be a possibility?


What your future COULD be. The essence of what is POSSIBLE