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Do you want to boost your brain - win your game? I'm Karl Morris one of Europe's leading Performance Coaches.  Whether it's sport, business or pleasure, the real key to success is to go from thought to ACTION and MAKE the changes happen.

Nov 14, 2019

On today’s show we have with us a fascinating guest: Dr Mark Bull

Mark is acknowledged as one of the world’s leading experts in golf bio mechanics

He has worked at the very highest levels of the game with some of the world’s top players.

He has also presented his work in seminars across the globe.

His company Bull3D has some of the most cutting edge information available as to how your body may or may not be moving.

Mark has throughout his life carried out research in the quest to help golfers of all levels improve

In today’s wide ranging conversations we discuss:

How the concept of CONSISTENCY just does not tie in with how humans actually move

Movement variability and what this actually means for you

How we can become consistent at the TASK not the motion

Dynamic System Theory – how your body will organise movement around your CONCEPTS

So the vital need to be really clear that your concepts support you

How there is no such thing as ‘faulty movement’

How the individual is absolutely paramount

Why you need to be true to YOUR way of moving

The ‘story’ and why it is important to look back on your life and see what may have helped or hindered the way you move

What you can do to improve on a DAILY basis

The small actions that make such a difference

How better movement patterns enable you to develop more SKILLS

How movement can be improved at ANY age

How your perceptions will change your movement

How it is important to look at how YOU react to the golf course

Just a wonderful chance to spend some time with a true expert in his field.

Mark’s ideas and common sense approach WILL make a BIG difference to your game and the way you approach improvement

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