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Mar 5, 2021

Today we have a great guest on the podcast Dr Bob Winters.

We had a great time recording this session for you

We talked about:

Arnold Palmer and how he had such a big influence on Bob’s career

His legacy and what can be learned from his attitude to the game

A true definition of charisma

Simplicity and why it is so important

The role of the eyes in great putting

Why confidence is so important and more importantly HOW you can go about developing more for yourself

Dr. Robert K. Winters is the Resident Sport Psychologist with David Leadbetter at  Champions Gate, Florida. He is an internationally renowned sport psychologist; author and professional speaker who brings 45 years of golf knowledge via playing, coaching and scientific research into assisting players achieve peak performance.

His educational and playing background combines scientific research, applied coaching and playing perspectives, and a simple, yet positive approach to the game.

 Dr. Bob Winters provides a unique approach to mental skills training that anyone from a beginner to tour player can implement and use to create long-term golf improvement.

Because of his tremendous success with golfers of all levels, Dr. Winters is recognized as one of golf’s foremost authorities in golf psychology, putting psychology, sports vision and golf performance enhancement.

Dr. Robert Winters is a popular motivational and educational speaker as well as an established author. He is the author of “Mistake Free Golf – First Aid for Your Golfing Brain“, The Ten Commandments of Mindpower Golf”, co-author of the books, “The Mental Art of Putting: Using Your Mind to Putt Your Best!” and Golf Fitness and is the co-author of two audio-cassettes, “Great Putting – Right Now! and “Golf Confidence for Women.” He is also the co-author of an audio CD specifically created for young golfers entitled: “Golf Confidence for Juniors.” Dr. Winters is also the creator of a computer CD entitled “Putting Genius” that places the learner in an advanced mental state. Dr. Winters was also the mental game consultant for NBC Sports Network and the internet family for NBC Dr. Winters is currently a contributing consultant for The Golf Channel, Golfweek and Golf International Magazine.

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