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Oct 16, 2019

Today on the Brain Booster we have one of those shows that could make a tremendous difference to your game.

Without you having to change ANYTHING

We would never consider trying to run competitively and then go in to a sports store and pick a random pair of trainers off the rack because they ‘looked nice’

Yet when we got the trainers back we discovered they were actually a six and we are actually a size EIGHT!!

Yet in so many cases that is exactly what we are doing with our golf.

Playing with clubs that could be TOTALLY wrong for us as unique human beings.

That is where todays guest steps in.

I had a wonderful chat with Derek Murray, acknowledged as one of the world’s leading club fitters.

Derek’s knowledge and experience is extraordinary.

He has worked with and alongside some of the greatest golfers the world has ever known.

In our talk he looked back on the magical times he spent with the ultimate golfing artist and golf club connoisseur Seve Ballesteros.

The knowledge he gained on the European and PGA Tours

The wonderful experiences at tournaments such as the US Masters

We talk in depth about

The myths and misconceptions around club fitting

The difference a club fitting WILL make to your game

How you could potentially eliminate one side of the golf course

How the body will ‘self organise’ around faulty equipment leading to more problems

How the loft of your pitching wedge MAY be costing you a LOT of shots

The benefit of a short game fitting

What ‘bounce’ really is and how to use it

A wonderful image of how to apply the golf club to the ball in your chip shots

Why modern equipment can challenge you in shaping the ball but what you CAN do about it

The myth of ‘loft’ on your driver

The latest on shaft technology

Derek has an infectious enthusiasm for his craft.

It is no wonder he is at the top of the game.

The members at Augusta National even trust him to look after their clubfitting

You will be a wiser, better informed golfer after spending time with Derek

To find out more about his wonderful work and his set up in Ireland go to


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