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Nov 26, 2021

We have talked at length on the Brain Booster before about ‘Utmost Sincerity’

The concept proposed by Timothy Gallwey

Another description of utmost sincerity could be ‘Authenticity’

Being authentic to yourself and others

Playing the game for authentic reasons

Today we take on a unique view from Kristina Mand Lakhiani who is not involved in sport but who brings to the show some fascinating insights that could have a big impact on your game and your life.

We got to talk at length about ‘Authenticity’

About your relationship with yourself

The courage to chase the ‘Big Idea’

How to genuinely do what you love to do and not be afraid to do so

We get as diverse as discussing  the fall of the USSR and the collapse of communism as a result of enough people having the courage to follow their strong convictions

It was a truly inspiring discussion that I know you will enjoy

Kristina Mand Lakhiani is an entrepreneur, author and renowned speaker

She has been engaging in the personal transformation industry for over 15 years, collaborating with leading thinkers and teachers in consciousness, relationships, human performance, and life optimisation.

She started her career working for the government of Estonia, where she was born and raised.

In 2003, she co-founded Mindvalley — a global school that delivers transformational education for all ages. In 2009, she launched Mindvalley Russian, taking Mindvalley’s best authors and teachings to the Russian-speaking market.

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