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Jan 27, 2023

Today on the Brain Booster we are joined by a fascinating guest Tim Tucker the former caddie of the unique Bryson De Chambeau.

As a partnership they won a number of PGA Tour titles including the US Open

It was a great insight into a very different golfer and the way he formed such an effective partnership with his caddie

How he was prepared to always do things his own way but also very open to taking on board good quality information from Tim

  • How they worked out how to beat the golf course
  • Bryson’s incredible body transformation and how he set about accomplishing it
  • The way he deals with poor shots on the course
  • His obsession with the Driver and how many balls he will hit in a day
  • Why his putting is so underrated
  • How they actually brought home the US Open trophy when the heat turned up on Sunday afternoon

Bryson’s ability to leave no stone unturned. To sift through information and find out what is USEFUL for him

A very unique and fascinating character.

Also we discuss Tim’s own journey in golf from a background in the military to caddying at Bandon Dunes, learning Aim Point and then the partnership with Bryson.

After the relationship with Bryson concluded Tim has gone on to invent and create the True Aim Marker

A fascinating way to read greens that eliminates guesswork

We go into some good detail on how it works

Tim firmly believes that most golfers don’t need to spend more time on improving their stroke but they DO need to get better at reading greens.

A lot of poor putting strokes are a result of VERY poor green reading.

The True Aim Marker has the potential to massively improve your green reading

Well worth taking a look

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