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Oct 21, 2022

Make the Winter Count – Adam Young


Don’t waste another winter!!

What are you going to DO for your golf game this winter?

Are you going to make the most of the opportunity or just let the time drift by?

Some old actions lead to the same old results.


Today on the Brain Booster we welcome back one of our most popular guests from the past in the shape of Adam Young.

Adam is a highly regarded coach and author of the best selling book ‘The Practice Manual’.

He has produced so many great programs over the years such as ‘The Strike Plan’ and ‘The Accuracy Plan’. He also co hosts a wonderful podcast called ‘The Sweet Spot’ with Jon Sherman


In our session we looked in detail at what you can do for your game during the winter months.

A time you can either let drift by or a time you could make a genuine transformation in your game IF you apply yourself in the right way.


What is the right way to go about GENUINE winter improvement?


How can you best make use of your precious time?


How you can easily be led into working on the wrong things just to make your swing LOOK GOOD.

The mistake of FORM over FUNCTION


What DO you need to be working on to improve?


What are the BIG THREE?

This is such a VALUABLE insight.


The really critical areas to look at to make lasting progress with your golf skills


How to become aware of YOUR own unique patterns


What have your patterns been through the season?


What is ACTUALLY happening on the course


Keeping track of statistics that are actually RELEVANT to your score


Being able to develop SHOTS that are functional on the golf course


How to work on your game indoors

Great putting games you can do ANYTIME


A really great session with such a well informed and thoughtful coach. If you commit to working on what Adam talks about in this podcast you WILL make genuine progress with your game this winter.



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