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Do you want to boost your brain - win your game? I'm Karl Morris one of Europe's leading Performance Coaches.  Whether it's sport, business or pleasure, the real key to success is to go from thought to ACTION and MAKE the changes happen.

Jun 16, 2023

It is great to welcome onto the show mental skills and golf coach Trevor Jones to explore a different way of dealing with the thoughts and sensations that can hold such sway over us.

 He has a fascinating story to tell as both a player and a coach at a very high level.

We discussed how many of the existing models of trying to ‘control’ thoughts and just use visualisation techniques proved so ineffective.

 How many time have you hit bad shots when you feel GOOD and conversely we have all hit good shots when we are feeling BAD

 The psychological flexibility model

 Acceptance and Commitment Training

Instead of trying to control thoughts and feelings understand how YOU are NOT your thoughts

  • Why it is a myth to think you have to ‘feel good’ to play good
  • The way our brain just ‘pumps’ out thought
  •  Why we should give our brain a name!!
  •  How you can ‘diffuse’ from your thinking
  •  The way out of the matrix
  •  The importance of VALUES based behaviour
  •  How we can move towards what we REALLY value





‘Trevor won the Welsh National Championship in 2008, and played full time professional golf for the next 3 years, yet he struggled when applying traditional sport psychology to himself. After discovering ACT (Acceptance and commitment training) in 2012, Trevor immersed himself in the theory and practice, his research being guided by some of the best in the field. A decade later, Trevor now works for the US based Aware Performance Group, helping college golfers improve their Psychological Flexibility. Trevor also mentors two Sport Psychologists, works privately with up and coming junior golfers, and runs a golf coaching business as a PGA professional. His book ‘Get out of your mind and into your game – how to build Psychological Flexibility on the fairways and beyond’ is due for release later this year.’  


Social media for Trevor is @mind_your_golf 


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